1. Why is IMSLP down?
    • Universal Edition's C & D letter could very well be just the leading edge of a legal harassment campaign at the behest of a group of European publishers; IMSLP was obliquely mentioned as a threat to their continued existence in a trade newsletter over a year before the C & D materialized. This mention was accompanied by an explicit call to initiate legal actions to shut down sites of this nature.
    • IMSLP would probably win in a legal dogfight with UE over the titles mentioned in light of UE's reluctance in naming the titles, where they are copyrighted, etc. Even so, that doesn't mean we'd be able to withstand a multi-publisher legal assault - which may very well happen - without adequate legal backing.
  2. Why is it taking so long to come back up?
    • IMSLP staff are currently in the process of re-checking thousands of scanned scores uploaded onto IMSLP. The checking involves looking for Trademarked Logos, Composers Death, Librettist's Death, Date of Publication and Date Edited (among others). This is a lengthy, manual procedure. We are, however, working hard to get it done as quick as possible. We are also working hard to obtain adequate legal support to counter future incidences like this one.
  3. If only a few works are causing trouble, why can't we have the rest, such as Bach?
    • While Bach is public domain, strictly speaking, a scan of the Bach Gesellschaft Ausgabe with a company logo on it may not be permissible. Why? Because the logo can be a trademark - even though the scanned music itself is public domain (at least in Canada and the US). It's never as simple as it seems.
  4. Why not just open again and follow the 70 years after death law?
    • IMSLP, is hosted in Canada where the Law is 50-years after death. European corporations do not have jurisdiction in Canada, and a majority of countries follow the 50-year law as opposed to the 70-years law. In addition, do note that UE is actually not satisfied with just life+70; they have mentioned France's wartime copyright extension and Spain's life+80, and expect us to abide by them. There is no end if we give in.
  5. Why don't you introduce IP banning as suggested?
    • IP banning is impractical, pointless, legally not required, and has problems with jurisdiction. It is absolutely ludicrous to expect IMSLP to review copyright for every single country on this planet that has internet access.
  6. Can I ask for PDFs to be swapped between users on the forum?
    • Short Answer: No, since we cannot verify copyright of said file. Long answer is that we will permit links to recognized PD sites (such as CPDL). All emails and requests for PMs will be edited out of posts without warning.
  7. Can I ask for bound scores?
    • Absolutely, but it is extremely likely you will be directed to these site (among others): sheetmusicplus, Dover, Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.
  8. Why is the score requests forum closed?
    • Because of two answer above, there is no point in keeping it open.
  9. When will IMSLP come back online?
    • If everything goes smoothly we are aiming for a June-July comeback. But this is an extremely volatile date.
  10. Will there be any changes from the original main site?
    • There will be some changes, but mostly everything will be kept the same. No score will be removed due to Universal Edition demands.
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